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2008 Debate at Belmont
Iraq: Five Years Later

Fall break clears campus for debate

Belmont’s representatives have returned from a meeting with the Commission on Presidential Debates in Washington, but much remains uncertain, and what the university actually learned remains uncertain as well.
   “It was more a matter of reinforcement,” Dan McAlexander, Belmont provost, said. “Remain flexible.”


Adjuncts increase faculty numbers

Adjunct instructors, professors that are not hired as full-time, make up more than half of Belmont’s faculty. Out of the university’s 520 faculty members, 268 are adjuncts and they are paid significantly less per course than a full-time faculty member.
  “There are many reasons to hire adjunct professors, including availability of expertise or professional experience, areas of intense need where there is a shortage locally, regionally and nationally of doctorally-qualified faculty and areas of fluctuating need,” Dan McAlexander, Belmont provost said.


School of Pharmacy expands health tracks

Belmont University's new School of Pharmacy is on track with its accreditation process, and a site visit in April by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education is expected to bring the program one step closer to seating its first class in the fall of 2008.
   However, accepting the first class does not mean the program has been accredited. The accreditation process actually begins about a year before the first class arrives and consists of preparation and paper reports. At this point, Belmont’s School of Pharmacy still has applicant status.



Promise RingsRing show promise to remain chaste

Christian promise rings are traditionally worn by young women and men to represent a commitment of chastity until marriage, and many Belmont students choose to wear them to demonstrate their own promises to remain pure.


Belmont displays flag, but student says it could be more visible

Display of the American flag has become synonymous with patriotism, especially since the events of Sept. 11, 2001. Belmont University, however, does not have any sort of exterior display of the flag, leading to questions and criticisms from some students.
  Courtney Coyle, a sophomore vocal performance major, even wrote a letter to President Fisher about the lack of an American flag at an American university. “I have talked to some of my friends about this, and I asked them if they knew where the one flag pole on campus is. Most of them responded by saying they didn’t know where it was…” he said.







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February 28, 2008

•Adjuncts increase faculty numbers
•Belmont displays flag, but student says it could be more visible
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•Fall break clears campus for debate
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•Ring show promise to remain chaste

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