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Ron Paul supporter takes issue with ‘Vision’ political story

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Editor’s note: The Vision chose to cover only the three candidates polling the highest in each party at press time, due to time and space restrictions.

To the editor: I was recently perusing the Belmont Vision’ when I came across your big Presidential Primary spread (“2008 Presidential Primaries: The Race is On,” Jan. 31) . In it, you had a profile of all of the Presidential candidates. Well, you had a profile for all of them except one. Republican Presidential candidate [and] congressman Dr. Ron Paul was left off of your list for some reason.

Now, why is that? He is clearly still in the running for president. He raised more money from more single donors, than any other Republican candidate last quarter, which should give you a feel for how much grassroots support he has. He is in favor of obeying the Constitution, he is pro-life, he has been against the Iraq War since Day 1 and he wants to protect our civil liberties. Not to mention he is the only candidate that actually has a plan for us young people to get out of social security.

Aren’t these views worthy of sharing with the rest of the student body? A relatively unknown congressman from Texas, with no real personal wealth or celebrity status, is now one of only four contenders left in the Republican race. If anything, his story is the most compelling one of the whole lot. Shame on you for not giving your readers the whole truth.

February 28, 2008

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