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Ad Rates

The Belmont Vision has several options for its advertisers. There are two rate sheets: the Standard Rate Sheet, and the On-Campus/Non-Profit rate sheet. We offer display ads or classified ads for both.

In addition to the standard black-and-white display ad, we also offer process color or, if you choose to print your own advertisement, inserts. All of these options mean greater flexibility in your opportunities to reach the Belmont campus with your message.

These advertising rates apply to camera-ready ads or electronic ads. You can send us a PDF, and ad slick in black and white ink, ready for printing, or e-mail us copy for and design requests for our design team. For an additional $25, we can design your advertisement for placement in the Belmont Vision.

E-mail files to:

Advertising Director: Karen Bennett, 460-5505

Vision phone: 615-460-6433

2007-08 Rate Sheet with advertising deadlines (PDF)

Spring 2008 issue dates and ad deadlines:

Issue Date: Jan 31
Ad Deadline: Jan 24

Issue Date: February 28
Ad Deadline: Feb 21

Issue Date: March 28
Ad Deadline: March 20

Issue Date: April 24
Ad Deadline: April 17












Belmont Vision
November 29, 2007

•Belmont addresses ‘growing pains’
•Big stage for BU
•Financial aid in line with federal loan rules
•TBC, BU settle dispute for $11M
•Terrorism and Islam convo canceled
•Used textbooks can change lives for South Africans

•A season for sharing worldwide
•Dr. Fisher speaks out on plans, controversy
•Edgehill wary of revitalization, renewal
•Life isn’t over, it’s just different

•Breaking up is hard to do
•Following a dream
•Home: where our journeys begin
•Simcox not credible as 'academic'

•Pumpkins not quite ‘smashing’
•‘Reign Over Me’ tackles 9/11's emotional effect
•Stranded: The Soundtrack of Your Life

•A-Sun tourney losses end season
•Golf coach arrives with experience
•Women shoot for Cancun