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  Courtney Drake
Managing Editor:
  Adaeze Elechi
Photo/graphics Editor:
  Sarah Mitchell
Online Editor:
  Joanna Larson/Lance Conzett
A&E Editor:
  Andrew Cole
  Karen Bennett
Senior Writers:
  Adaeze Elechi, Chansin Bird, Chris
Speed, Eric Detweiler, Alexander Jones

Dan Ritter, Lisa Johnston, Courtney Drake, Rachel Allen, Ameshia Cross, Rachel Waller, Linda Johansson, Bryce Leonard, Jessica Haines, Jessica Walker, Matt Reynolds, Bethany Arthur, Meaghan Mitchell, Ray Taylor

Faculty Advisor
  Linda Quigley      
Production Advisor
  Angela Smith      


Belmont Vision
November 29, 2007

•Belmont addresses ‘growing pains’
•Big stage for BU
•Financial aid in line with federal loan rules
•TBC, BU settle dispute for $11M
•Terrorism and Islam convo canceled
•Used textbooks can change lives for South Africans

•A season for sharing worldwide
•Dr. Fisher speaks out on plans, controversy
•Edgehill wary of revitalization, renewal
•Life isn’t over, it’s just different

•Breaking up is hard to do
•Following a dream
•Home: where our journeys begin
•Simcox not credible as 'academic'

•Pumpkins not quite ‘smashing’
•‘Reign Over Me’ tackles 9/11's emotional effect
•Stranded: The Soundtrack of Your Life

•A-Sun tourney losses end season
•Golf coach arrives with experience
•Women shoot for Cancun