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Anna Vaus signs publishing deal with Black River Entertainment

Songwriter and rising Belmont senior Anna Vaus’ hard work has earned her an abundance of achievements, including a Miranda Lambert Women Creators Scholarship, a spot at the ASCAP CMA stage this summer and, most recently, a publishing deal with Black River Entertainment.

While a publishing deal has been Vaus’ longtime dream, she wanted to make sure she found a company with people she felt connected to, Vaus said.

“It was this process of getting to know the people at the company while they got to know me. I realized that it’s about so much more than the songs you write, it’s about finding someone that is going to be your champion and fight for you and your goals.”

Vaus, who moved to Nashville from San Diego, won the first Miranda Lambert Women Creators Scholarship in 2016 and played in the Best of the Best Showcase as one of the ASCAP Writers’ Night winners this past spring. Both were important stepping stones for Vaus reaching Nashville’s CMA Fest in June and ultimately landing her deal with Black River.

“I have so many people at Belmont to thank, because they became the people I sought out advice from in every aspect of finding the right publisher,” Vaus said.

Partially due to this guidance, Vaus said she is confident she has found the perfect publisher for her.

“I fell in love with Black River from the first time that I walked into the building,” said Vaus. “You immediately feel welcome by everybody in the office, so that was huge for me. They have been so proactive already in giving me feedback on songs and helping me accomplish and set new goals not only as a writer but as an artist too.”

Vaus’ new partnership has quickly brought her new opportunities.

“I think I’m most looking forward to new challenges being thrown at me, big and small. For example, I did my first full-day demo session a few weeks back, and it was one of the most fun things I’ve ever been a part of as a writer.”

Despite Vaus’ growing success, she will continue to attend Belmont until she graduates in the spring.

“For me, it’s so exciting because my senior year has been turned upside down in the best way. I get to write songs every day and go to class, which I’ve been doing for the past few semesters, but I get to do it with an even bigger team behind me,” said Vaus.

Vaus is most excited to have found a new group of friends and supporters at Black River.

“I’ve been fortunate to have some amazing professors at Belmont and great friends that have encouraged me every step of the way, and now I’ve just gained a whole new group of people that I can lean on in my writing and my studies.”

Photo courtesy of Anna Vaus

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