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Art crawl asks ‘What else is art?’

On Wed., Nov. 17, the Maddox Grand Atrium will be full of various art forms ranging from metal and trash sculptures to furniture and photography. The art crawl will be from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.

“We came up with the idea for an art crawl to promote the [university theme] ideas of creativity and invention,” said Ileia Luke, Hail Hall resident director. “We want to give students the chance to display their various artistic abilities.”

“The idea of ‘What Else is Art’ is to look at art and try to think outside of the traditional forms,” Luke said.

To help promote this there is a full list of categories on the BIC calendar. Some of the more interesting include linoleum prints, culinary art and furniture. Luke described the linoleum prints to be like a stamp. A tool is used to carve a design into a piece of linoleum and you can “stamp” it onto other objects.

“Most of all we want to broaden the horizons of the students [and those attending],” Luke said, “and think beyond the traditional idea of art.”

“Whether you think you have a formal title, we want the students to bring what they find beautiful to show to the community, like knitting,” Luke said. Also attending the art crawl will be the Lost Boys Foundation. They are bringing artwork from the ancient African area.

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