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Back at Belmont: Your guide to everything new on campus this fall

This year, Belmont welcomed its biggest class yet. And the 2,800 new freshmen, transfer and graduate students aren’t the only new additions to Belmont’s campus. Here are some other things that are changing this semester.

Belmont welcomed students from the O’More College of Design after acquiring the college last spring. O’More’s fashion merchandising, interior design and graphic design majors joined the College of Visual and Performing Arts, and classes for these programs will meet in Hitch.

Say goodbye to the old class Facebook groups! Instead of separating students by year, Belmont has grouped all of its current undergraduate and graduate students into one Facebook page. The new group will help students communicate across the whole Belmont community, said Lougan Bishop, Belmont’s web and digital media manager.

To make room for the growing student body, Belmont unveiled its new residence hall this year. Tall Hall houses over 600 Belmont students and stands as the highest point in Nashville. The building is certainly eye-catching, and it also features a brand new fitness center.

Along with Tall Hall comes a new waterfall and green space between Dickens and Thrailkill halls. “Bear Creek” is hard to miss, especially with the statue in the middle of it.

Sayonara Sandelas! Belmont has smoothies and burritos now. The wrap and flatbread joint has been replaced with Burrito Bowl & Freshen’s Smoothies. Students can use their declining points to get healthy juices and make up for all the cookies and pizza they eat at the cafeteria.

Need to print something? New printing stations around campus will save you from having to run to the library before class. The stations are scattered around campus in residence halls and academic buildings.

There will be even more changes coming to Belmont in the next couple of years. Most notably, University President Dr. Robert Fisher announced Wednesday there will be a new performing arts center coming to campus in the fall of 2021.

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