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Belmont and Lipscomb universities scheduled to merge, reach Vision 2020 goal

In an effort to reach the student enrollment goal in the Vision 2020 earlier, Belmont University and Lipscomb University are merging.

“It makes sense why Lipscomb and Belmont are merging,” said Anna Rogers, a Lipscomb student. “There’s nowhere for us to go other than vertical, so we’re reaching out to other schools.”

The merger is expected to be fully complete by the fall of 2019 under the name Belscomb University. Until then, however, small changes will be made to prepare students and take advantage of the two campuses.

Beginning in the fall, math and science classes will be on the current Lipscomb campus while all humanities and arts classes will be on Belmont’s campus. The two campuses will be connected through the underground tunnel in front of the Bell Tower.

For students who prefer above-ground travel, Lipscomb’s shuttle service will extend to Belmont’s campus. Current Lipscomb students will be able to use parking lots on Belmont’s campus.

To keep the university running as efficiently as possible during mealtimes, more dining options will be available to students as Belscomb plans to continue operation of any already-present dining halls or retail eateries.

The merger won’t just affect the buildings students take classes in — it will also bring the different students of Belmont and Lipscomb together into one student body.

“It’ll just add a lot more diversity to our school,” said Lipscomb student Becca Risley.

Student social clubs will open their doors to students from either school, should they wish to join.

Activity clubs will also be accepting members originally from either school.

The creation of Belscomb University will take away the annual Battle of the Boulevard event often anticipated by students, but it is hoped they will see the benefits of the merger and be willing to overlook it.

The Lumination Network and the Belmont Vision, the student-run media staffs of Lipscomb and Belmont, will combine to become the Illuminated Vision. The staff will be centered in the Johnson Academic Center on Belmont’s campus in the current Vision office.

The president of Belscomb University has not been decided at the present time, but will be chosen after both presidents compete in the annual dodgeball tournament held on Lipscomb’s campus in the fall of 2017.

For more information, read the Lumination Network’s article here.

This article is a work of fiction, meant for entertainment purposes only.

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