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Belmont Announces New Addition to Music Row

Photo Courtesy of Belmont University

With the Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business celebrating its 50th anniversary of the music business program, Belmont University announced a new addition focused on expansion.  

"As Nashville's music industry has grown and evolved into an international entertainment hub, it's crucial that our education system keeps pace to develop skilled talent," Curb said in a press release. "With this latest investment, we'll build upon that strong foundation to push entertainment and music business education ahead to the next level, ensuring a steady stream of well-prepared professionals for the ever-growing industry." 


Mike and Linda Curb and the Mike Curb Foundation committed a $58 million lead gift- the largest in Belmont history- to kickstart a Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business facility on Music Row dedicated to songwriting students for creating connections within the music industry, President Greg Jones announced in an email on Wednesday.  


The current space stands as the Buddy Lee Attractions/Capitol Records building, which will be renovated and expanded by 17,000 square feet and include state-of-the-art songwriting rooms, listening rooms and a live sound classroom. 

"This lead gift allows us to deepen our integration with Music Row, creating an unprecedented immersive experience that will directly connect our students with industry leaders and opportunities while driving innovation alongside our partners in Nashville's entertainment landscape,” said Brittany Schaffer, dean of Belmont’s Curb College, in a press release. 


This extension will be “dedicated to songwriting students and students focused on live sound,” Jones said in the email. 


Freshman Sophia Bader, a Music Business and Songwriting double major, said she is excited for the extension. 


“I genuinely don’t think there is anyone that could be more excited for this than I am,” Bader said. “Not only is this amazing for songwriters at Belmont, but it is even more exciting that we will have our own place on Music Row.” 


Along with this extension Belmont will also be creating a brand new 75,000 square foot facility on Music Row, located behind the current building. 


This new facility “will serve as a key intersection of industry and education,” the email said. 


It will include a venue space for students to perform in as well as gathering spaces for industry professionals.  


The space will work to “provide students with unparalleled access to the heart of the music industry,” Jones said. 


While this project will take a few years to complete, Bader said her anticipation is already building. 


“I am going to count down the days until this is open to use,” Bader said. 

This article was written by Abby Thomas

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