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Belmont Greek life hosts annual blood drive

Members of Belmont Greek life teamed up to sponsor their annual blood drive Tuesday and collected 65 units — enough to save the lives of nearly 200 patients.

Vice President of Panhellenic Programming Kayla Guglielmo said the drive’s online registration filled completely before the event began.

“The Red Cross always wants to come back and do it again, so I think it’s something that’s always been successful for us,” Guglielmo said.

Students and faculty from all over Belmont attended the blood drive, though their reasons for donating varied.

“I’m trying to make it on the ten gallon hall of fame, but I’m kind of behind right now. I’ve only given three pints,” sophomore Anas Saba said.

A few individuals attending were also giving blood for the first time, like sophomore and Alpha Sigma Tau member Taylor John.

“It’s my first time donating blood, but there’s a lot of need for it now, so that’s why I’m here,” said John.

In addition to the first-timers, the blood drive also brought veteran donors, like freshman Jess DiMento, who has donated blood almost eight times.

“I’m a universal blood donor, which means I’m O negative,” DiMento said. “I want to save lives.”

Some students simply showed up to get convo credit.

“I’ve been donating blood when the blood drives come up, because first and foremost, I need convo,” joked sophomore Hannah Carter.

Regardless of the reasons behind giving blood, Belmont Greek organizations are proud of the continually high turnout.

“Every year we have really good turnout,” said Guglielmo. “The Red Cross loves that we’re so willing to give blood.”

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This article written by Liz Gresser. 

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