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Belmont’s Student Movement Against Cancer to hold virtual “Concert for a Cause”

Belmont’s very own Student Movement Against Cancer is raising money for a child’s chemotherapy and bringing awareness to their club through a free, virtual “Concert for a Cause.”

The concert, set to release Friday at 6 p.m., will be uploaded to YouTube and last for about an hour and a half. The video will stay online afterwards so it can be viewed at any time and SMAC’s GoFundMe page is already up and open to donations.

“If you’re just sitting at home and don’t feel like going out, then you can just click onto your YouTube and it’s free, it’s easy,” said Jade Faber, the SMAC president.

SMAC has received an overwhelming amount of support from students and families who want to share their money and talent for this cause, said Faber.

Over a dozen musicians will participate in the concert, including the Belmont student band Juke of June, and Nashvillian cancer survivor Ava Paige who will sing and share her story during the concert.

SMAC will give all the donations to a family who currently has a child undergoing chemotherapy at the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt.

Faber said, “Anything tiny that we can help with is what our goal is right now, and then our bigger goal will be to help with the treatments. That’s basically why we did this concert … and it’s working more than I ever believed it could.”

SMAC’s GoFundMe goal was originally $1,000, but having surpassed that amount prior to the concert’s airing, SMAC has raised a new goal of $1,500.

SMAC was initially started in January of 2019, and is currently hoping to gain more members to help bring even more awareness to issues like this one.

Hannah Hassan, secretary and treasurer for the SMAC, said the club provides a space for people to discuss their experiences with cancer and work through them as a community.

“Me and Jade, we both were really passionate about cancer and just wanted to make an environment for people to be able to come and join collectively, have a place to go if they had feelings that they needed to talk about or if they were going through something, because both of us have had major experiences with cancer.”

“A big event like this will make people more interested to join knowing even though it’s a time like this, we can still do important things for people.”

To donate, students can see SMAC’s GoFundMe page here. The concert will go live Friday on SMAC’s YouTube channel.

This article written by Ivana Carlson.

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