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Belmont security responds to fight in Dining Hall; confirms there's no threat to campus

Harrington Place Dining Hall has reopened after an early morning fight, Campus Security confirmed.

The dispute was between a non-Belmont individual and an employee. It was originally reported that the individual threatened to shoot, but the claim was false, and no weapon was present during the incident.

The individual left campus driving a black car toward Wedgewood Avenue.

Metro Police arrived at the scene to investigate, and the hall was temporarily closed in response to the incident.

Shortly after, another email was sent out to the Belmont community notifying them that there was no ongoing threat to campus and that the dining hall was reopened.

Campus Security remains on site at the dining hall as a precaution.

PHOTO: Police arrive outside Harrington Place Dining Hall David Pang/Belmont Vision

This article was Madison Perry

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