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Belmont security's guide to staying safe on Halloween

With Halloween quickly approaching, students at Belmont are getting ready for a night of festivities on campus and around the city.

But whether students are staying in, spending the night on campus, or exploring Nashville, the Office of Campus Security advises students to follow safety precautions no matter where they are.

“We want you to have fun and enjoy yourself,” Executive Captain of Belmont security Michael Moultry said. “But your fun should not be in relationship to someone else feeling unsafe.”

Moultry stressed the importance of wearing costumes that are easy to move in in the case of a dangerous situation – opting out of tight-fitting costumes, high heels or masks that can impair eyesight. Additionally, having costumes with weapons attached is not advised as the Metro Police Department patrols campus and surrounding neighborhoods, Moutry said.

“We believe in the buddy system meaning two or more students walking together,” Moultry said. “It is always a good thing.”

Belmont’s dress code and behavior policies will also be in effect on Halloween.

Students should not welcome strangers into their dorm rooms, share locations with friends and check in with friends throughout the night, Moultry said.

Students who plan to drink on Halloween are advised to be fully aware of and follow proper bar safety such as not leaving drinks unattended or drinking while driving.

“I just plan on staying in with friends,” Lauren Neely, a transfer student, said. “I prefer to spend the night with friends than out.”

Some students do not plan to go far for Halloween as the Patton and Scare House and Halloween Showcase make their debuts on campus this year.

Belmont security will be available throughout the night to assist students.

“If you see something, say something,” Moultry said.

PHOTO: Emma Lynn Woodhead

This article was written by Emma Lynn Woodhead

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