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Belmont student talks ups and downs of “American Idol” experience

Although Ali Henderson did not win “American Idol,” she was on the show for two seasons and got exposure and experiences that have helped her grow as an artist today.

“Even though it was competitive, you find those people to connect with,” said Henderson.

Henderson was on seasons 13 and 14.

Henderson explained the ups and downs of being on the show. “American Idol” is a great place to become known and also find out artistic preferences, and it helped her gain confidence, said Henderson. But the show had its downsides, too.

“They own everything from you, all the music that you’ve written, all the music you’re going to write,” said Henderson.

The show officials are straightforward with what the show is and how it will run. Contracts are put in place.

“It’s not a talent show, it’s a reality show based on a talent show, so everything is very planned,” said Henderson.

Season 14 was more competitive than season 13 because she was not seen as a baby anymore. Henderson had her lowest point when she was walking into the theater right before a group performance.

“I was so scared I would mess up on TV and be a joke,” said Henderson.

Henderson is doing more writing now and is not afraid of going out of her comfort zone. As a commercial voice major, she uses those lessons to build herself up.

“You can either let it completely wreck you, or you can learn from it,” said Henderson.

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