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Belmont to grant over 2,200 students $1,000 COVID-19 relief grants

Belmont has notified over 2,200 students that they will receive $1,000 in emergency aid grants to “manage unforeseen economic hardships related to the COVID-19 pandemic,” according to an email announcement from university President Bob Fisher. 

These grants are part of the Federal Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act passed by Congress in late December. Guidelines for distributing these funds were determined on an as-needed basis, using students’ Expected Family Contribution as captured by the FAFSA.

Students such as junior Ruby Cuddy say this extra money could make the difference between really living this semester and merely scraping by.

“Mental health is just crazy right now that they’re condensing our semesters without breaks. Putting so much schoolwork on these people and expecting them to do well while they also have to work to survive is crazy. So giving money to alleviate some of that stress and letting us actually focus on our education I think is very important,” she said.

Another student who received this grant, and has asked to remain anonymous, said this money will help him pay for groceries and other essentials.

“I was really relieved when I got it. Because right now I am working as much as I possibly can. But money isn’t great, I work a service job and we’re just not making what we’re used to. So having a little extra support from that law really makes me feel less stressed out about making sure I have all the things I need to live,” he said.

While the actual funds have not been received yet, Belmont has notified qualifying students and is prepared for distribution. Students will receive their funds via direct deposit or check.

If you believe you may qualify for need-based funds or have any additional questions, contact Student Financial Services at 615-460-6403 or

This article written by Jordan Shatto.

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