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Belmont University announces documentary partnership with filmmaker Ken Burns

On Wednesday, Belmont University hosted a press conference with filmmaker Ken Burns to announce a partnership between the university and Florentine Films.

Belmont University President Bob Fisher announced the university will be a major sponsor for Burns’s documentary “Country Music,” which is set to premiere in 2019. It will be a 16-hour series documenting the history and evolution of country music.

“It will be an opportunity for numerous students at Belmont to interact with Ken and his team,” said Fisher. “Belmont students also will have the opportunity to be interns with Florentine Films. That’s a really big deal, so we’re excited about all those opportunities.”

The partnership serves as a “thank you” for what Nashville and country music have meant to Belmont, Fisher said.

Burns, on behalf of Florentine Films, gave thanks to Belmont for its support of his project.

“This is a very logical and historical arrangement and relationship. We have been involved with Belmont for years and years and years,” said Burns. “It’s a wonderful and natural partnership.”

Article and photo by Emily Allen.

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