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Belmont Vision Staff wins numerous awards at SEJC

The Belmont Vision staff attended the Southeast Journalism Conference Thursday through Saturday, winning numerous awards and earning the rank of fourth best college newsite in the region.

Thirteen Belmont students competed at the annual conference hosted by Austin Peay University in Clarksville, Tennessee, testing their writing, broadcasting, editing, ethics and world knowledge against hundreds of students from across the South.

Best of the South competition material was sent in weeks in advance and included published materials from November 2014 to November 2015. Editors during this period were Courtney Martinez, Kirk Bado and Riley Wallace, with Dorren Robinson as faculty adviser.

Awards included:

Will Hadden– seventh, news reporting Emily Proud– sixth, TV news reporting Sam Cowan–second, sports writing Andrew Hunt– first, press photography

The Belmont Vision’s sports broadcast Bruin Blitz ranked second place.

In addition to the Best of the South ranking, the Vision also received second place in on-site competitions overall, with individuals competing against hundreds of other students from across the region. Individual awards included:

Sam Cowan- first, sports writing Nina Kim- first, news photography Rebecca Arnold- first, copy editing Brooklyn Penn- first, current events Emily Proud- second, television anchoring Andrew Hunt- second, sports photography

Thirty-five schools from eight states competed for Best of the South with 441 entries total, according to statistics presented at the conference’s business meeting.

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