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Board of Trust member Bill Lee wins gubernatorial election

Belmont Board of Trust member Bill Lee was elected governor of Tennessee on Tuesday.

The Republican candidate beat former Belmont professor Karl Dean for the state’s top position.

Lee has served on Belmont’s board since 2011 and is the chairman of Lee Company, which provides heating, air conditioning, security and other services for homes and facilities.

“We offer our congratulations to Governor-elect Bill Lee who has been a faithful member of Belmont’s Board of Trust since 2011. We are very proud that he has been elected,” said university President Dr. Robert Fisher in a statement. “We are equally proud of the way both he and former Belmont professor Karl Dean conducted this campaign — they both showed a lot of class.”

Lee ran for governor on a platform of improving the lives of rural Tennesseans through a plan which includes better education, lower taxes and more readily accessible healthcare.

He also wants to crack down on the opioid epidemic, according to his campaign website.

“I believe that if we can embrace the opportunities ahead of us in the coming months and years, Tennessee can be the place other states turn to as a model,” Lee said in a tweet Tuesday night. “Thank you for trusting me with your vote. Thank you for believing in our positive vision for Tennessee. Thank you for choosing a Tennessee that is not just ‘good,’ but ‘great.’”

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Photo courtesy of Belmont Office of Communications.

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