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Bruin Beats: BSA President Kayla Young

The Vision has teamed up with leaders from organizations across campus to bring you Spotify playlists from students and staff.

For this installment, Belmont’s Black Student Association President Kayla Young shared 10 songs she is listening to right now. Young explains her playlist selections below. 

Over all my other music streaming sites, I’m a big Tidal fan, so I have most of the music that I’m listening to right now housed there.

Shortly after getting Tidal – which I started subscribing to specifically to listen to Kanye West’s latest album, The Life of Pablo – I started a playlist called “BOPS,” in which I would add any song that I heard that I just loved immediately and would describe as a “bop.”

Using Tidal got me really into listening to whole albums all the way through and familiarizing myself with each song, but especially my favorites. I would hear a whole album, then select my favorite two to six songs and add them to the big “BOPS” playlist, along with singles from other artists.

Right now, the playlist has just over 50 tracks, but I add to it regularly. Below is my best attempt at my top 10 songs (not in any particular order) from that playlist. I tried to spread my choices out slightly across artists and genres, but rap/hip-hop definitely won out over all. All of the songs have an upbeat and a heavy rhythmic feel, as that’s what I’m most into right now. If you haven’t heard the albums these songs came from, or other work from these artists, look them up!

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