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Bruin Beats: Campus Pharmacy Manager Dr. Adam Pace

The Vision has teamed up with leaders from organizations across campus to bring you weekly Spotify playlists from students and staff.

For today’s installment, Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice and On Campus Pharmacy Manager Dr. Adam Pace shared 10 of his favorite songs with the Vision.

My method: There are so many different ways you could put together a list like this. I decided to browse through the music I have on my phone and ask “If I had to delete everything right now and keep only ten songs, which would I keep?” It would probably be a different list if I did it again tomorrow, but such is the nature of this sort of thing. There is no particular order to the list.

“4th of July” – Soundgarden

I heard it in the wind, and I saw it in the sky

I recently revisited Soundgarden on the untimely passing of Chris Cornell. I find Superunknown to be one of the finest albums from an era full of fine rock albums. This spooky track may not even be the best on the album, but it’s the one I’m most obsessed with right now.

“Last of My Kind” – Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

Tried to go to college but I didn’t last long. Everything I said was either funny or wrong

“Heathens” – Drive-By Truckers (honorable mention: “The Living Bubba”)

I never had a shortage of people trying to warn me ’bout the dangers I pose to myself

These artists hold a special place in my heart because we share roots in the Shoals Area of Northwest Alabama. Patterson Hood and Jason Isbell are two of the greatest living songwriters in my opinion. These are but two shining examples of their massive output. I recently went to the DBT show at the Ryman, and Jason made a surprise appearance to perform “Heathens” with his former bandmates. It was unforgettable.

“You Got to Me” – James McMurtry

With my vest unbuttoned and my necktie loose, impervious to all abuse

This is my final nod to Americana on this list. McMurtry’s Complicated Game is such a fantastic sounding album. This is my favorite track, highlighting the frustrations of lost love and aging.

“Rocks Off” – Rolling Stones

The sunshine bores the daylights out of me

Opening track of the immortal Exile on Main Street. A song about the ennui of decadence that only they have lived hard enough to write honestly.

“N Dakota” – Parquet Courts

Train death paintings, anti-meth murals color the ghettos of North Dakota

The entire Light Up Gold album is indie magic – it was so hard to choose just one song. I chose this one because I love the way the vocal harmonies and listless guitar riff compliment the subject matter. Also, songs about North Dakota are just hard to come by.

“Elevate Me Later” – Pavement

Because there’s 40 different shades of black

The Parquet Courts cite Pavement as an important influence. They are an innovative band with a sense of humor. A feud with the Smashing Pumpkins (a band with no sense of humor) over the lyrics of “Range Life” may have been what kept Pavement from becoming a household name.

“Mexican Guitars” – The Menzingers

Covered up your innocence with bad tattoos of all the bands you loved in high school

The wonder of loving music and friends before we are old enough to truly understand them. And the disillusionment that keeps us from enjoying them as much in our maturity. The vocalist is superhuman throughout On the Impossible Past.

“Tangled up in Blue” – Bob Dylan

Everyone one of them words rang true and glowed like burning coal

When you want to pick a Dylan track for a list like this, where do you even begin? The entire album of Blonde on Blonde? Deserving, but too broad. “Like A Rolling Stone?” Iconic, yet done to death. “Idiot Wind?” Brilliant, but perhaps inaccessible for a new listener. So I just picked this gem because I love it.

“Mountain Song” – Jane’s Addiction

Comin’ down the mountain, one of many children

Because sometimes you just need a guitar riff that can take the paint off the walls to round things out.

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