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Christian music showcase: The Orchardist

The Orchardist’s lead singer Drew Miller and his band are bringing a bluegrass flare to scripture when they take to the stage Saturday night for the Christian Showcase.

Miller founded the band his freshman year, and the group was a finalist in last year’s Christian showcase. Miller said he likes seeing artists work scripture into their music as a form of cultural commentary.

“I really like when songwriters have something they want to say about the way that our world works or where they live or the way our society functions in some way but have really strong Christian undertones implicitly,” Miller said. “It’s really cool when you can take scripture and apply it so directly to our own place and time.”

Miller described the band’s music as a symphonic bluegrass mix, combining a piano with traditional bluegrass instruments like the mandolin or banjo. Several of his influences include the Punch Brothers, Jon Foreman, Nickel Creek and the Dave Matthews Band.

“We’re essentially a bluegrass quintet with a piano. That allows us to have a really kind of rootsy sound but also branch out and sound more symphonic in certain ways,” said Miller.

The lineup for the Orchardist includes Drew Miller for vocals and acoustic guitar, Janie Townsend on vocals and harmonica. Playing the mandolin is Tyler Rydosz, with Riley Matthews on the banjo, Camille Faulkner on the violin, Kelly Lenahan playing piano and Mike Tebrinke playing bass.

The 2015 Christian Showcase will be held on Saturday at 7 p.m. in the Curb a Event Center. Admission is free.

Photo by Chloe Hall

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