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Christian Showcase preview, The Orchardist

Wednesday’s featured artist for the 2014 CEMB Christian showcase is The Orchardist.

During his freshman year at Belmont University, Drew Miller founded a band based in Nashville called The Orchardist. It is comprised of his closest friends: an Irish-dancing classical pianist named Kelly, an aspiring composer of film scores named Tyler, and a singer named Janie with a long and cherished past in theater.

Two years later, the Orchardist works hard and plays harder. Spring of 2014 they began recording their first album, a 14-song record titled “Dirt on Your Hands” set to be fully finished during Fall of 2014, and in May of 2014 the band successfully played and toured from Tennessee to Texas.

The Orchardist plays songs that speak – with voices, yes, but especially with instruments. Lively conversations spring from the acoustic guitar, piano, mandolin, and a variety of other instruments. Some lean towards bluegrass and others thrive on jazzy grooves, but they all have a carefully cultivated song at their center.

The lineup for the showcase includes Drew Miller as songwriter, acoustic guitar, vocals, Janie Townsend as vocals and harmonica, Kelly Lenahan on keyboard, Tyler Rydosz on mandolin, Riley Mathews playing banjo, Sam Rodberg on electric and upright bass, and Dan Miller on drums.

Check out The Orchardist’s music and follow the band on social media.

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