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Country Music Showcase: Baylor Wilson

After being one of the top five contenders on “Survivor,” country songwriter Baylor Wilson is no stranger to competition.

Now, instead of gathering firewood and surviving the heat, she’ll be singing and strumming at the Curb College Best Of The Best Showcase after winning February’s Country Showcase.

This isn’t Wilson’s first big performance; in fact, she’s been doing this for quite some time, performing as a cheerleader at her mother’s gym.

After reaching high school though, Wilson decided to take her talents from the gym to the stage by taking up dance and later was accepted into a performing arts school.

“Once I got there everyone was doing music, so I began to sing and learn guitar on YouTube and eventually wrote my first song junior year. It was almost therapeutic for me, as my family went through hard times,” she said.

Wilson sees the country music showcase as a return to her involvement with Belmont.

“Freshman year I was a cheerleader and in a sorority at Belmont, but I decided to focus on music, so I moved off campus and focused on my music career. Getting to play in the showcase is my big leap back to my involvement with Belmont. I want to balance involvement with the school as well as being a musician,” said Wilson.

Wilson will be joined onstage by Will Lynde on keyboards, Kip Allen on drums, Sam Hunt and Nick Fields as lead guitars, Will McGee on bass and Briana Tyson as backing vocals.

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