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Country Music Showcase: Matt Enik

For senior Matt Enik, performing in this year’s Country Music Showcase brings his Belmont career full circle.

“I was in showcase my freshmen year. So I’m starting in the showcase and I’m ending in the showcase,” said Enik.

Enik started his first country band with his friends when he was 12 years old. They started off playing for small audiences at nursing homes and benefits, eventually moving on to playing for bigger crowds at fairs and festivals.

No matter where he was or who he was playing with, country was always the genre of choice.

“Country was naturally what we did,” said Enik. “I am a songwriter at heart, and I just really respect the way country music is really focused on lyrics.”

Growing up listening to artists such as Allison Krauss and James Taylor, Enik has an appreciation for classic country and folk music. However, Enik would label his music’s style as more country pop.

“My music is not that rootsy. I’m more country pop, but I take a lot of that into my style,” said Enik.

Playing with Enik at the showcase will be Sam Forshey on lead guitar, Ryan Oetken on electric guitar, Erik Coveney on bass, Micah Mazanowski on drums and Matthew Moore on keys.

What Enik enjoys most about playing in the showcase is the show is a rewarding experience for every single person involved in its production.

“It’s a cool opportunity not only for the artist, but every person who wants to do anything in the music industry as far as live performance goes,” said Enik. “It’s also one of Belmont’s best ways of opening up doors for artists.”

Matt Enik’s EP “Our Side” is available on iTunes and Spotify.

This article was written by Jackie Zeisloft.

Photo Courtesy: Hanna Holbert

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