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Eat your heart out: Fake Dates with Kevin and Jessica

Chago’s Cantina (Formerly La Fiesta) 2015 Belmont Blvd. Nashville, TN 37212 (615) 386-0106

Jessica: It was a big night for Belmont basketball. Our campus was eagerly awaiting the game to start. I spent the whole day anxiously waiting for 6:27 p.m., but for a different reason. It was our third date. That is a big step. But I tried not to get my hopes up. As soon as my evening class ended, I bolted across campus to Chago’s and found my prince charming nervously looking at his watch.

Kevin: I was worried she wasn’t going to make it in time to see the tip-off of the Belmont-Wisconsin basketball game … not that I was more interested in a silly game more than my date; that’s preposterous. BUT, if I was a terrible date, I would have been in luck because TVs are everywhere at Chago’s, and they were all tuned to the Belmont game … not that I was looking, of course.

Jessica: Why do guys like sports SO much? I think his mind was on the game instead of me. But that took the pressure off me a bit. The interior was quite different from La Fiesta, with bright colored walls, hanging lanterns and “Spanish” guitars on the walls. It was the perfect environment to have a conversation and watch the game. The menu was not too long and included a variety of South American, Caribbean and North American food. Of course, I always go for the fish …

Kevin: Well, while Jessica was channeling her inner Captain Ahab with the mahi-mahi, I was feeling a bit more adventurous and went for a dish with a grilled sweet plantain, pulled pork, rice and beans. The sweet and savory combo instantly transported me to a tropical oasis in Central America. I thought Jessica and I had been teleported to some deserted beach for a couple of seconds; it was that good.

Jessica: As soon as our food came out, my self-esteem dropped a level or two. Kevin was in love with the game and his sweet plantain, but not with me. Thankfully, my flavorful mahi dish soothed the heartache. The salsa added the perfect kick. Kevin’s meal was gone before I touched the rice or beans! Therefore, he had to carry on the conversation while I sat in silence enjoying my meal. Everything went smoothly, except for the awkwardness of our waiter.

Kevin: I was concerned that the waitstaff thought our relationship was in trouble. Every five minutes or so, they asked, “Is everything all right?” Do they see something I don’t? Is there a chip in what I thought was a flawless relationship? All of these questions were bothering me, but I’ll have to examine our relationship a little bit closer the next time we’re together.

Overall, we thought Chago’s Cantina was a huge step up from the bottom-of-the-barrel food at La Fiesta. They successfully brought the bold flavors and freshness of Latin American cuisine to Belmont Boulevard at a reasonable price. Chago’s has successfully made food from that kitchen taste amazing, and that’s no small feat. Respect.

We’re here to sacrifice our taste buds for your dating desires, because we all know that the only way to your heart is through your stomach.

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Our Picks:

Kevin: Grilled sweet plantain, pulled pork, beans and Spanish rice. Jessica: Grilled mahi-mahi with salsa, beans and Spanish rice

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