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Faculty honored at Scholarship and Awards day

At the end of every school year, awards are presented to faculty for their outstanding accomplishments and character at the Scholarship and Awards event.

Professors were recognized Wednesday for their individual achievements as well as their contributions to the Belmont student body during the 2021-22 academic year.

The Scholarship Award is presented annually to the faculty member chosen for outstanding contributions specifically regarding discovery, integration, application and teaching.

This year, two professors were selected for the prestigious honor: David Hudson, an assistant professor of law, and Gary McDowell, an associate professor in the English department.

“It just means a lot, you know, to think that we spend all of our time or so much of our time interacting with students, which is the real gift of what we do, but to be recognized for the writing that takes place in the shadows, it's really enriching,” McDowell said.

Hudson is the first law professor to win the award.

“I have a great respect for my dean and my colleagues on the law side faculty and also my colleagues all across the campus,” Hudson said. “I’m so grateful to the committee for recognizing my work in the area and hope to continue it for many years to come.”

The Chaney Distinguished Professor Award is presented to the faculty member who represents the vision of the university. The award is voted on by full-time faculty, students, the president, provost and deans.

The award was presented to Douglas Crews, associate professor of social work.

Crews is committed to supporting students through work with counseling services, the South West Asian North African student group, Bridge Builders and the Orthodox Christian student group, the event program states.

The Presidential Faculty Achievement Award is presented each year to a faculty member who makes contributions beyond the classroom.

Kathryn Paradise, a full time instructor and the assistant director of the School of Music, was the recipient of this award.

Paradise, who has directed Belmont’s jazz vocal ensemble since 2008, appeared on National Public Television as part of Christmas at Belmont among many other extracurricular activities.

With plaques and medals dispersed, faculty now enter into finals season and begin preparation for the next year with hopes and motivations of an even better year to follow.

This article was written by Braden Simmons

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