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Finding the In-Between: Episode 1

Hello! You’re listening to “Finding the In-Between,” a spotlight podcast focused on sharing the stories and lifestyles of peers in the Belmont community. What started as a love for listening to stories has evolved into a passion project during my senior year.

Storytelling reaffirms the need for kindness and empathy in our world — to look beyond the surface and look in between.

I am no pro when it comes to starting a podcast — maybe that is what makes me an avid listener — but there is a strong need to share our stories in the world we are living in today.

So, for the first episode I sat down with The Honest Consumer blog creator and Belmont student Emily Waddell to talk about aspirations.

This is “Finding the In-Between.”

— —

Produced by Meg MacDonald. Audio production by Jason Saitta. 

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