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Fisher announces acquisition of O’More College of Design

Belmont will acquire the Franklin-based O’More College of Design and will open a design school bearing its name on campus, according to an announcement made by President Dr. Robert Fisher Tuesday morning.

The new O’More School of Design will become part of the College of Visual and Performing Arts, bringing new programs in interior design and fashion design and merchandising.

Belmont will not pay any money for the acquisition, and instead will absorb the Franklin school’s liabilities and assets, according to an article in The Tennessean.

Fisher thinks the merger will provide a great benefit to Belmont students.

“If you spend any time on our campus, you will learn, our students are nothing if they are not creative,” said Fisher. “We think bringing these programs together will create some great synergies for all who are involved.”

O’More’s current students will join Belmont, enrolling in the School of Design or in Belmont’s pre-existing design communications program.

“By joining forces with O’More, we quickly expand our fine arts offerings, providing new majors in fast-growing industries for current and future students to consider,” Fisher said in an email sent out to students.

“In addition, we open ample opportunities for new, interdisciplinary collaborations across campus as entrepreneurs engage with interior designers and theatre students brainstorm costume ideas with aspiring fashion designers.”

Belmont is currently considering several open spaces on campus to house the new program, and hopes to be able to give more details on that later in the semester.

No comment was made on what will happen with the Franklin campus.

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Photo courtesy of Belmont’s Office of Communications. 

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