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Fisher announces ‘We Believe’ fundraising campaign

University President Dr. Bob Fisher announced a new fundraising campaign for $300 million at a ceremony in front of the Bell Tower Monday morning.

The We Believe campaign will raise the money for five major priorities at Belmont. These include creating scholarship endowments, endowed chairs and professorships for the faculty, funds for both domestic and international student mission trips, endowments for student athletes and new philanthropic efforts for the university.

We Believe is the largest comprehensive fundraising initiative in the history of the university. While Belmont invested in new buildings in the past, Fisher said going forward, We Believe is about building up people.

“I do believe in the power of a Belmont education, and that power can transform lives and can change the world,” said Fisher. “All through this 125-year history we’ve experienced, the unlikely has turned into the unprecedented.”

Fisher also announced $56 million has already been raised in a previous silent phase of fundraising. The remaining sum will be raised over the course of the next five years.

“We’re going to do it because we believe in people. We think that’s an effort that so many people can get behind,” Fisher said. “The greatest privilege that we ever have in life is to be in a position where we can help somebody else.”

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