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Garth Brooks and Ashley McBryde record ‘Country Mile’ podcast at Curb Event Center

The Curb Event Center filled with applause Wednesday night as Ashley McBryde and Garth Brooks took the stage for the recording of an upcoming podcast series, “Country Mile.”

Brooks and McBryde discussed songwriting, their processes and advice they have for anyone pursuing a music career. McBryde challenged writers to think about their lyrics and ask themselves if they mean what they are saying and if they believe it.

“You want to create a song that will reach people,” said McBryde.

The two highlighted the importance of co-writing and noted that most of their inspiration is found in conversation with others and the back-and-forth flow of ideas.

Brooks added that in order for music to progress and continue to be impactful and meaningful, there needs to be more songwriters telling new stories with fresh perspectives.

“Some people think music will never die, but it’s dead without songwriters,” said Brooks,

After opening up the conversation and accepting audience questions, Brooks closed the evening with a few words of advice.

“Everyone you’re going to meet has talent, what is going to separate you from them is luck, work ethic and how much you’re not going to take ‘no’ for an answer,” he said.

“Country Mile” will be released in September and can be listened to on iTunes, Spotify and online through the USA TODAY Network.

Article written by Caitlin Alexander. Photos by Caitlin Alexander and Colby Crosby.

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