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George Plaster leaves Belmont for new radio opportunity

Nashville sports talk radio legend George Plaster will leave Belmont University and return to the radio waves for WSM 660-AM announced on Tuesday.

Plaster joined Belmont as Associate Athletic Director for Marketing in 2016 after nearly 40 years in sports talk radio.

“We wish George well on his new program and expanded role with WSM. During his three years at Belmont, George opened doors for us in the community and took great pride in Belmont’s successes,” said Belmont athletic director Scott Corley. “Understandably, he is pursuing his passion for radio, and no one can fault him for that.”

With programs on 104.5 The Zone and then hosting the sports talk radio program “Sports Night” on 102.5 The Game, Plaster’s voice was known throughout the Nashville Metropolitan area.

“We’ll talk sports. That’s not to say we’re not going to have fun doing it because we are,” said Plaster in an article in the Tennessean on Tuesday “The other part is it’s not just going to be me talking. I want listener participation as much as anybody in this business. It will change some because the world has changed, but a lot of what we’ll do is a lot of the kinds of things we’ve done throughout all those years.”

The new show will be called “Sportsnight” and will air from 3-6 p.m. during the week and will start in either July or August, according to the Tennessean.

Photo by Carina Eudy.

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