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High hopes for Dylan Windler in the NBA Draft

First it was Ian Clark.

Now senior Dylan Windler has the opportunity to be the second Bruin to play in the NBA.

Windler, backed by a year of impressive play, has been dubbed one of college basketball’s best kept secrets, according to

That secret was on national display in March, with an impressive NCAA tournament game against Maryland.

Windler’s box score at the end of the game read 35 points — 14 points above his season average — 11 rebounds and 2 assists.

With Windler’s elite 3-point shooting, aggressive rebounding and ability to attack the rim, he can be extremely valuable if selected and placed in the right system.

Windler chose the right time to have one of his best games of the season. Although Belmont couldn’t overcome Maryland, losing 79-77, Windler’s consistency and all around game was on full display for NBA scouts and personnel management alike.

The only question remaining is, what team will he be selected by?

The Belmont superstar sits as the 29th best overall player in the draft, according

Since the beginning of the season in November, Windler has risen 72 spots on the’s big board, placing him in the top 50 of all projected NBA prospects.

Windler is floating around the late first round and early second round NBA mock drafts, according to ESPN and Forbes.

Clark, the only other Belmont player to play in the NBA, went undrafted. Windler could become the very first Belmont player to be drafted into the NBA, putting him in a class of his own.

Windler’s best games were in some of Belmont’s biggest moments, proving he has a propensity to play his hardest when it matters most.

Each year he has added something new to his game, and when he makes his transition to the NBA he’ll continue his growth.

This article written by Ian Kayanja. Photo by Carina Eudy. 

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