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How to avoid unwanted questions at Thanksgiving dinner

You’re at dinner, about to stuff some of those mashed potatoes you’ve been looking forward to for months in your mouth and Aunt Carol swoops in and asks how that internship hunt is going. You don’t want to answer, but you feel you must, thus postponing your chow down.

We’ve all been there, so here are a few tips on how to avoid those unwanted questions.

1. Stuff that food right in your mouth. While this is the easiest way out, it is also one of the most effective. If you constantly have a full mouth you can’t talk to anyone, because you wouldn’t want to be rude… right?

2. Ask your family member about the newest pet or baby in the family. They’re probably in love with this pet/baby. If you let them, they’ll talk for hours. If they’re not in love with said pet/baby, you’ll get a hot take on some family drama. Either way, it’s a distraction from that scary question.

3. Go get more food. I don’t care how much food you have on your plate, excuse yourself and go get more of that sweet potato casserole your Aunt Debbie has been talking about all night.

4. Sit at the kids’ table. This is a way to avoid adult conversation as a whole. The younger kids might be curious, but their questions are much simpler, and you can lie to them if need be. Sitting with the young’uns ensures that you’re staying away from any of that scary talk revolving around your future.

5. Be vague. Answer the question so it makes you look good. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t gotten the grades you wanted, talk about that one A you made in your Ice Skating class. They’ll eat that right up.

6. Compliment the chef. You’ve probably already stuffed the food in your mouth. You couldn’t help it. Compliment the chef on the amazing cooking. Ask them how they made it, why they made it or what it means to them. Keep asking questions and no one will be able to direct one your way.

7. Play sick. Don’t even go to dinner in the first place. Play sick and beg your parents to bring you a few plates home. Make sure they don’t forget the pie. This way you avoid all the questions, and your parents have to struggle to answer them instead.

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