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How to beat the mid-semester slump

After racing towards midterms, fall break often comes at the perfect time for students.

But getting back into gear can be a challenge.

Stuck thinking about break, students can sometimes let assignments build up and struggle to get back into the pre-break groove.

“The issue for a lot of students is getting through that first part of having a midterm coming up and then you don’t realize how much is piling up on you,” said David Sneed, director of the Growth and Purpose for Students.

It can help to think of something to look forward to, and to help find motivation and a schedule to get work done before then, Sneed said. Stepping back and thinking about how much work you need to do and finding time for breaks is just as important as getting work done.

With around four weeks left of classes and Thanksgiving and Winter break just around the corner, Sneed said that time management is key.

“By managing your time, you know if you need to spend some time on the weekends now doing some work,” Sneed said. “It’s never too late. It’s just a matter of taking a moment for yourself to see where you are and make a plan to break your work down into manageable pieces.”

But the mid-semester slump looks different for everyone, and some feel it stronger than others.

Senior Tess Rivera said that as a nursing student, the second half of the semester is very high stress, with professors often putting their exams in the same week and all her work builds up.

“It’s almost like you have a crash and you are just completely drained,” Rivera said.

There are many resources on campus that can help students including the Office of Counseling Services, Office of Student Care and Support and Residence Life staff, Sneed said.

Finding ways to keep up with coursework and looking for healthy ways to decompress from the stress of post-midterm classes can vary. GPS works synchronously with counseling services to help students do both. The Hope Summit and Fall Festival activities also provided some ease for students, allowing them to catch up on coursework and enjoy the festivities.

“While I didn’t know that the Fall Festival was happening today, I can tell there’s a lot of good energy going on, it seems like a nice gift,” sophomore Cade Flores said.

Still, Flores has his own remedy to the problem.

“I feel like I just keep going with it, and I try to not overthink stuff and that’s kind of my medicine.”

This article was written by Ben Burton

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