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How to get rid of those leftover declining points

As the semester winds down, you may find that on top of the stress of finals you now have an absurd amount of declining points to get rid of before they expire.

Beyond the Curb Café, students can use declining points at two convenience stores and other eateries around campus. If you’re still stuck on how to get rid of those points, we have a few suggestions:

Treat your friends — If you haven’t used up all your points, there’s a good chance at least one of your friends has. We aren’t all gifted with the ability to budget. You could gather all your orphaned and hungry friends for a goodbye meal, or just treat everyone to a round of coffee on dead day. Either way, you’ll have a favor to hold over their heads in the future.

Stock up on dorm needs — Corner Court isn’t just for snacks and great salads. They also sell items like soap, razors, air fresheners and frozen meals. If you don’t need them now, you can leave them in your dorm over the break so you won’t have to worry about grocery shopping as soon as the new semester starts.

Take care of the road trip snacks —If you’ll be driving home for the holidays, or even if you’re just stuck on a long flight, you’ll be getting hungry at some point. Save yourself some money at convenience stores and stock up on granola bars, gum and energy drinks before you go.

Bribe your teachers for that last point — So it’s the end of the semester and you’re one point from turning a B into an A in your hardest class. You’ve had good attendance, and your work has thoroughly improved. But what’s that one thing that’ll set you over the edge? Maybe sushi from Mein Bowl? Or perhaps Chick-fil-A and a toasted white chocolate mocha from Starbucks? At this point, you’ve been in your professor’s office enough to know their vice. Just go for it.

Holiday shopping — The perfect gift for your least favorite sibling is a jar of Otis Spunkmeyer cookies from Corner Court. They’ll never know.

Donate food — Often, the best thing to do with excess is to give it to those who may not be as fortunate. You could offer a meal directly, or donate some of the non-perishables available in the convenience stores to various food banks around Nashville.Nashville Rescue Mission is only 2 miles from campus and currently has soaps and feminine products on the wish list of needed supplies.

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