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How to use your GPS

What used to be an office for students to come and work through their changing major and minor problems, the office of Growth and Purpose for Students has now evolved into an all-encompassing community-building program.

“We really want to focus on the acronym, GPS. It’s a tool. It helps you with direction and with finding resources,” said David Sneed, the educationdirector of the program.

GPS is here for Belmont students as a guide for the duration of their college experience.

“Our goal is to help students graduate during the same timeframe, and we have great success in making kids successful,” said Sneed.

The GPS program has transformed and grown immensely. GPS has three main goals: helping with direction and navigation, helping identify academic majors and minors and finding the best way to complete a degree. It identifies resources to help students find the best opportunities that are at their disposal. It also helps students through academic probation and providing tutoring.

GPS is partnered with Two Oaks and Thrailkill Hall. What does it mean to be a GPS hall? The resident assistants of the dorms go through training with GPS on how to be an RA for sophomores. It is more of an intentional relationship with the specific halls. For example, GPS donated $1,000 to residential halls to allow them to make a difference. It gives the students a chance to come together and think about how to use the money to donate to a cause such as human trafficking and homelessness.

While GPS still focuses on sophomores, it is open to all students.

GPS is more than just helping students academically. The program delves deeper into helping students get through what they call the “sermon.” The sermon helps answer life’s big questions and helps students hear their calling.

“What is so great about you is what you do once you’re out of here, and we want to make sure you go down the most efficient and effective path,” said Sneed.

The GPS office location is on the second floor of the library, and they have a smaller office in Wright/Maddox Hall.

GPS is a neutral place and is not loyal to any department, so come talk to them about any issue concerning academics or career paths. GPS will help students find a path and refine that path while they are at Belmont. GPS wants the students to get the most out of their college experience.

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