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Howe praises nondiscrimination statement

In light of Belmont President Bob Fisher’s statement to the media Wednesday night, former soccer coach Lisa Howe has released a statement of her own.

In particular she addressed Fisher’s comments regarding nondiscrimination based on sexual orientation.

“I congratulate and praise Dr. Fisher for announcing this nondiscrimination policy, which will set an example for Christian schools and universities across the country,” Howe said. “I look forward to seeing this policy implemented.  I intend for my next job to be in a place where I feel safe and welcome.  If Belmont is that place, then I will certainly consider reapplying.”

Howe also expressed her gratitude to Belmont students, faculty, alumni and others in the Nashville community. “Everyone took a stand and made their voices heard,” Howe said.

Also commenting in the statement is Howe’s lawyer, Abby Rubenfeld who said she looks forward to seeing nondiscrimination based on sexual orientation written into policy.

Fisher’s statement, which came after a week of media portrayal of the university in a largely unflattering light, said  Belmont is “safe and welcoming” for all, no matter what their sexual orientation, race or gender. He said Belmont does not discriminate, but there seems to be uncertainty about whether that is official policy.

Prior to his statement, Belmont’s Faculty Senate and others have asked that the hiring policy be clarified.

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