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International Market to close in July with plans to reopen

Nashville staple International Market & Restaurant on Belmont Boulevard will close its doors on July 31 after serving Belmont students and Nashville natives since 1975.

“Of course I am sad but it is also bittersweet,” said Anna Myint, the daughter of Patti Myint.

Opened by Patti and her husband Win Myint, the restaurant’s property was purchased by Belmont University in 2017 for the construction of their new performing arts center. After opening International Market, the Myint family went on to open both PM and blvd. across the street from the original restaurant. Following Patti’s death in October 2018, the restaurant’s operations fell into the hands of her two children, Anna and Arnold, who plan to keep their family-owned restaurant on Belmont Boulevard.

But this plan starts by closing their other Boulevard staple, blvd.

“People don’t know this but the plan all along was to actually relocate International Market to the blvd. location. My mom was supposed to be a part of it and unfortunately she’s unable to see it happen. My brother and I wanted to make sure that we do the right thing,” said Myint.

The Myint siblings will revamp International Market with some new entrees and a modern feel while keeping the old neighborhood restaurant ambience. One of the biggest changes coming to the market will be the addition of a full bar, Anna said.

While some things about the famed restaurant will be updated, others are staying the same, such as their staff.

“I thought they would want to retire but they want to stay with us. They are like our family,” said Myint. “We are going to keep them around for sure.”

Although there is no set time frame for when the new International Market will open, Myint is looking forward to the future of the family business.

“A big part of the original International Market was that people would come as a child and bring their children. Now their children are bringing their children. That’s such a great generational story that I hope will continue.”

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