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Jazz is ‘Real’: EP out soon from alum Cristina Taddonio


Belmont alumna Cristina Taddonio is the pop/ jazz scene’s newest sensation.

Her performance at Gallery F, a cozy little place on the corner of Grand & 19th Avenue South that features contemporary & outsider art, was an outstanding display of her talents.

Taddonio, who was recently named the Foreign Language Acting Group’s Artist of the Year, performed a wide array of songs, including some from her upcoming EP.

Taddonio was born in Nepal and was raised in Italy—with stops in India and Israel along the way.  She moved to the United States at age 15.

“I didn’t speak any English at all,” she said when asked about adjusting. “Integrating into American culture is difficult.”

But she worked at it, graduating from Belmont University with a bachelor’s degree in commercial music and composition.

“Belmont gave me the confidence to be a better writer and singer,” she said.

Taddonio has been hard at work on her upcoming eight-song EP release, “Real.”

“I was looking for a song that was an image statement for me,” Taddonio said about the title track.

“Real” is a jazzy soulful piece that is meant to draw in the listener. Like many of Taddonio’s songs, “Real” portrays her maturity and grasp of the emotions we all face on a day-to-day basis.

With an upcoming EP release and many tour dates, Cristina Taddonio is well on her way to becoming a success in the music industry.

To learn more about Cristina Taddonio, go to: To learn more about Gallery F, go to:

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