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Large election turnout sparks new year for SGA

The Student Government Association began its year with the biggest election turnout in its history and an informational meeting Monday that prefaced the upcoming year for congress.

This semester’s voter turnout saw a 256 percent increase from last year’s with 755 students casting votes.

With the outpouring of votes and student participation, SGA looks for a fresh start, President Jonathan Rankin said in Monday’s meeting.

“To the students, I have this to say: We hear you. My cabinet and I are excited to work alongside our brand new congress to make the student experience at Belmont University the best it can be,” said Rankin in a press release on SGA’s website.

Dean of the College of Law Alberto Gonzales said he will inaugurate the “brand new congress” and cabinet on Monday at 10 a.m. in the Baskin Law Center’s appellate courtroom.

Below is a breakdown if this year’s cabinet and the chairs who will lead congress.

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