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Letter to the Editor: Dickerson on his campaign for SGA presidency

I won’t try to pull the wool over your eyes or mislead with empty campaign promises, but I, Chris Dickerson, want to give you the clear plan Macy Thompson and I have to build a better Belmont.

Macy and I aren’t going to begin listening to the concerns of our peers just for this campaign; we’ve been listening to student concerns all year.

The responses I have received from surveying organizations who have petitioned SGA for funds overwhelmingly said the grant petition process was very helpful, but they wouldn’t approach SGA for anything besides financial help.

That is something we need to change. Macy and I understand trust needs to be gained between the student body with SGA, and we are ready to tackle this issue head on.

We want to start with availability; we want our peers to know they can approach either of us with any issue. We want students to feel comfortable enough to talk with us during or outside of our SGA office hours.

Not only do we want the students to have the opportunity to speak their minds, we want them to know everything they say will be in safe hands with SGA. We strive to build a stronger SGA, build trust among the student body and build bonds between students and the individuals they elected.

Macy and I have been working tirelessly during our term in office to make changes to benefit you, the students.

Macy worked closely with Dean Curtis to develop a proposal for the space reallocation project. She recognized a need for change and helped turn that idea into an action and then a reality.

We’re glad we’ve gotten endorsements from multiple student organizations and campus leaders, but what makes us proud is the fact we have a solid platform and a clear plan to begin working on our first day in these positions.

Overall, we want you to know we’ll be taking on the tough fights for students, in all aspects of campus life. I’m pleased to report that, for the first time in the recent past, SGA has spent the entirety of it’s budget and more organizations than ever before received more funds than ever before through grant petitions. However, our peers deserve more.

Macy and I will advocate for more of the student fee being returned to student activities via quality programming, organization funding, etc. We want to be having intentional conversations about inclusion and diversity on campus, supporting H.O.P.E. Council and its member organizations.

We won’t be a timid SGA, but one willing to invest in any student issue or concern that comes before us.

When Macy and I began considering running for SGA president and vice president, one thing that was immediately and abundantly clear was the fact that, within this election, we were the least important individuals.

This isn’t to be down on ourselves, but to instead emphasize this election is truly about students and making sure student voices get heard by the administration. If you want an SGA that works for you, and you want a Belmont that reflects all that you want it to, vote on BruinLink for Chris Dickerson and Macy Thompson.

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