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Meet the new Bruin: Ashley Johnson

Belmont freshman Ashley Johnson from Kingwood, Texas, got her softball start in T-ball which ultimately led to her career at Belmont.

“I chose Belmont because of Nashville. It is an amazing city and a great school for academics. So being able to play Division 1 softball and getting a great education was the biggest influence for me,” said Johnson.

In her spare time, Johnson enjoys going to concerts in Nashville, reading and studying math which is her major along with accounting.

Johnson has a love of softball, but there is a part which she enjoys the most.

“I love the thrill of being in pressure situations. Being able to get out of them and come out with a win is my favorite feeling,” said Johnson.

In keeping up with everything, Johnson has found a way to manage her time wisely.

“By stepping back and taking a deep breath, I can realize what I need to do to get things accomplished. Having a planner and being organized definitely helps me a lot, too. And then just giving it all to God,” said Johnson.

Johnson can be seen wearing No. 22 for the Bruins at softball games this season.

This article was written by Shelby Vandenbergh.

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