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Meet the new Bruin: Ben Santos-Meeker

Attacking left midfielder Ben Santos-Meeker from Minneapolis, Minnesota has been playing soccer since age 5.

Although he has not yet decided on a major, it wasn’t a hard decision for him to know he wanted to pursue soccer in college.

“I already knew someone on the team who I played club soccer with,” said Meeker.

That made him more comfortable with his choice to play at Belmont University.

His favorite athlete, Neymar, is influenced by where he had previously lived.

“I lived in Brazil for four years, and he is Brazilian,” said Meeker.

Meeker and the Bruins have high hopes for this year.

“I think my goal for the season would be to start every game, and as a team I think our goal is to win our conference,” said Meeker.

With the season kicking off just last Friday, and the Bruins securing their first win, the team already has a record of 1-0-1.

Make sure to come out to the home games at E.S. Rose Park.

This article was written by Caitlin Alexander. Photo courtesy of Belmont University Athletics.

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