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Meet the new Bruin: Brie Lewis

Freshman Brie Lewis starts her inaugural season with the Bruins as a right side hitter.

Lewis is a Midwesterner hailing from Stilwell, Kansas who is studying Design Communications. After spending time on campus with the team and in the Leu Center, Lewis was sold and made the move down South for her collegiate volleyball career.

Lewis said Belmont’s volleyball team is looking strong this season as they strive toward a winning season, taking it one day at a time. Lewis is ready for a season of domination.

“I’ve gotten the nerves out of the way. Every game I feel some butterflies, but that’s just competition,” said Lewis.

In her free time she enjoys drawing, surfing the web, and eating. Nothing atypical of the average college freshman.

Lewis requests a large crowd for the Bruins conference home opening weekend starting September 26th, as they take on Eastern Kentucky University and then Morehead State University on the 27th.

You can catch Brie Lewis dominate every opponent with her spikes on Belmont’s front line, wearing a number 12 jersey.

 This report was written by Elise Detrude

Photo Courtesy: Belmont Athletics

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