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Meet the new Bruin: Chase Ballard

Cross-country runner Chase Ballard is from Columbus, Indiana. He started the sport in 7th grade.

“I swam before that and had to decide between the two, and I think cross-country is the better fit,” said Ballard.

Cross-country also suits him better than music because he’s not musically talented, Ballard said.

“I can play one song on the piano, and I can play like a couple riffs on the guitar, that’s it,” said Ballard.

Belmont is known for having a popular music program, but Ballard picked marketing as his major. One of the biggest challenges being an athlete brings is schedule conflicts, Ballard said.

“You can’t schedule classes in the morning really because we have practice in the morning,” said Ballard.

When he’s not playing or studying, Ballard has found a common fun activity to do in his free time and bond with his team.

“We typically play FIFA,” said Ballard.

When he is not playing video games with his teammates, Ballard is out running.

“My biggest goal for the team is to go to nationals while I’m here,” said Ballard.

He has the rest of this season and three years left to achieve it. Anything is possible for the Bruins.

This article was written by Celida Salcedo

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