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Meet the new Bruin: Clark Page

Belmont freshman Clark Page has been playing soccer since he was six years old.

He grew up in Delafield, Wisconsin, and quickly knew that Belmont was the place for him.

“I enjoyed the visit when I came here. All the guys were really awesome. And also the scholarship was a good part of it for me.” said Page.

Page comes from a big, athletic family; so, soccer comes naturally to him.

“I like playing in front of people, it’s really fun,” he said. “It gives me something to do.”

When Page is not playing soccer, he has expressed interest in the business program, one reason why he chose Belmont.

What sealed the deal for Page was that Belmont had opportunities for him to study Religion.

“A lot of my family and neighbors are religious, and I’m kinda not really there. So I want to get into that a little bit and learn more about religion,” he said.

Page can be seen wearing No. 30 as a goalkeeper for Belmont.

This post was written by Erika Howard

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