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Meet the new Bruin: Corey Claiborne-Landy

Freshman Corey Claiborne-Landy has played football, baseball and wrestled in his time, but track is his true calling.

Passion is what keeps the Atlanta native motivated, especially since he joined the Belmont men’s track and field team.

“If you don’t absolutely have a passion for the sport then you’re going to flunk out. It demands a lot from you a lot of the time, but if you have a passion for it those things make you stronger,” Claiborne-Landy said.

Claiborne-Landy is a shot putter and weight thrower during the indoor track season and throws hammer, discus and shot put during the outdoor season.

He learned about Belmont while competing at an indoor track meet at Vanderbilt University, where he was contacted by throwing coach Joe Frye.

Claiborne-Landy was drawn to Belmont by the Christian atmosphere as well as the university’s entrepreneurship program. He hopes to go into commercial real estate after college, and said the entrepreneurship major was the best fit for him.

Claiborne-Landy also appreciates how much more seriously people in college take track, and said he enjoys the more concentrated training he gets in practice.

“When you first go to college, you really don’t know what to expect and you have this big shift in coaching styles,” said Claiborne-Landy. “I learn something new every practice. I get excited thinking about how I’ve already come this far with this concentrated coaching. How much farther can I get in three years?”

Claiborne-Landy can be seen competing with the rest of the Belmont track and field team throughout the spring semester.

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