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Meet the new Bruin: Ellie Harmeyer

Fresh from Wisconsin, Belmont freshman Ellie Harmeyer has been playing basketball since she was in the first grade.

“I kind of just jumped into it. I played tee ball and I played soccer, but basketball was the one I loved the most,” said Harmeyer.

Harmeyer never thought she’d go to a school far from home, but when she visited Belmont, she knew she had found a home here.

Her sister, Hannah Harmeyer, just transferred to Belmont and also plays for the basketball team, but make no mistake, Ellie is definitely the taller sibling.

“At 6 foot 1, you can say I got the height of the family,” said Lawson.

Harmeyer is studying nursing, something she is also passionate about. People have told her she’s crazy for doing both, but she doesn’t mind one bit.

On her downtime, she’s napping or watching her favorite shows on Netflix.

“I’m currently watching ‘Friends’ right now, but ‘One Tree Hill’ has my heart forever,” said Lawson.

With seven new players, summer training, practicing, and bonding as a team, Lawson’s biggest hope is that the team will make it to the NCAA tournament.

Look out for No. 30 on the court at the first game of the season on Nov. 13.

This post was written by Jessica Johnson.

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