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Meet the new Bruin: Jenny Roy

Jenny Roy began playing basketball when she was in the second grade. Now, she’s a guard for the women’s basketball team at Belmont.

“My older sisters played so I kind of just go to their practices, and they kind of got me started,” said Roy.

Roy is originally from Oklahoma, and she moved during her junior year of high school to Brentwood, Tennessee. Soon enough, she discovered Belmont.

“One of the reasons I love Belmont is because of the location in Nashville,” said Roy.

She doesn’t only love Nashville; she loves sports in general.

“I’ve always loved sports and the competitive atmosphere,” said Roy.

Finding balance for fun and school can get a bit difficult. Luckily the city provides many locations for Roy to take advantage of.

“In my spare time, I love to just go explore whether if it’s Lake Radnor or just downtown Broadway,” said Roy.

One important concept she is learning as the start of the season approaches is how much her team means to her.

“I know that my teammates always have my back, and they’ll be my friends now and forever,” said Roy.

This post was written by Celida Salcedo.

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