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Meet the new Bruin: Kalie Carter

Freshman Kalie Carter is one of the newest players on Belmont’s women’s soccer team.

In her free time, Carter likes to spend the time with her family.

“Whether we are busy on the go, or just eating and relaxing, being with family is where I want to spend my extra time,” Carter said.

The Hendersonville, Tenn. native plays center-back and wears number 14. Although she has played soccer for most of her life, she does not get tired of the sport.

“There is always something new I am learning or improving on,” said Carter.

She is majoring in exercise science in hopes of getting her Physical Therapy prerequisites for her future masters degree.

The defender said she came to Belmont for a variety of reasons.

“I chose Belmont because the team was not just about winning soccer games, but it was about developing a well-rounded student athlete who can compete on the field and in the classroom,” she said. “Belmont also provided the field of study I wanted to go into, as well as an opportunity to be located in such a great city like Nashville.”

Unfortunately, Carter was plagued by injury this season, but she will be back in time for the fall 2015 season.

This post was written by Katelyn Foehner

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